Why Buy With Us

Why Buy From Us?

There are hundreds if not thousands of vendors around the world who offer e cigarettes, e liquids and vaping accessories so why choose us? We could tell you that we are the best in the world but rather than offering words we prefer to offer action. We actively support your vaping journey, ensuring you have what you need, when you need it and each and every customer is offered as standard the level of customer service that we ourselves would want to receive.

Competitive Pricing

We want you to enjoy the ultimate vaping experience however we don't want you to pay through the nose for it. We source the top products for your enjoyment and ensure that they remain affordable, for all to get. You will be able to find the best price products time and time again.

Fast Dispatch And Delivery

We understand that when you order anything from us that you could probably do with having it delivered sooner rather than later. Sometimes people don't realise they are running out of something until it is nearly too late we don’t want you to be at risk of suffering any break in your vaping journey, and so we work hard to dispatch your order as soon as possible, the same day if your order is received early enough. We post orders the same day up to 2pm weekdays, excluding national holidays. Please see our shipping information page for further details.

Great Customer Support

Nothing bothers us more than poor customer service, we hate suffering with this ourselves so we do our upmost to make sure every question problem order is dealt with fast by our friendly team. You will know when dealing with Hitdaspot that our friendly staff are on hand (email,Phone,Text,Whatsapp,Live Chat) for anything you may need help with. For us offering top customer service is a must, not an option so you may take this level of customer support as standard.

Product Knowledge

We understand that the vaping market can look very daunting when you first look, with this in mind we understand that there are so many options out there for consumers and that sometimes this might prove confusing. All of the staff here at Hitdaspot are very knowledgeable and will be here to help you with any decision you are unsure of if it’s a coil a tank or even what kit you need. We are very confident we will be able to help you find what you are looking for.

Our Promise

We promise to offer you the very best, to help you with any customer service issues, in a timely manner and to keep our eye on the fast developing vape market to ensure that we offer the most up to date tried and tested vaping items for your enjoyment.

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