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How do I return a broken/faulty item?

This is simple and straight forward. Once It is has been cleared with the returns department you will need to follow the returns procedure set out on this page. Once returned we will be in touch.

How secure is my personal data?

Our website is located on secure servers and we use https site security plus additional website security to protect our website from hacking. With this, our emails are also stored on secure servers.

Do you hold payment data?

We do not hold this type of data and certainly don’t hold it on the website. Payments are processed by PayPal and we are never party to any sensitive data.

Why are there so many types of e cigarettes and e liquid?

It all comes down to offering customers a choice. With e cigarettes some people like to enjoy a disposable option while others prefer a more permanent solution, refilling the e liquid as and when required. Some people like to enjoy a traditional tobacco taste while others like to explore a range of flavours from menthol to a creamy pie.

Is it safe to smoke an e cigarette?

Until the government and the ruling bodies who govern these things raise a flag stating "Yes, absolutely, these are 100% safe, 100% healthy and 100% better than tobacco cigarettes" we aren't allowed to say that either. There hasn’t been enough studies over a long enough period of time, as yet, to determine absolutely that e cigarettes are 100% safe.That said we can offer enough information for you to make your own mind up. Traditional Cigarettes contain a wide range and number of chemicals proven to be harmful to health, including yet not limited to: Arsenic Cyanide Lead DDT (which is a banned insecticide) Carbon monoxide Tar Butane (used to make lighter fluid) Formaldehyde and many more.Where an e cigarette contains PG (propylene glycol) commonly used and approved for food manufacturing amongst other things, flavourings and varying amounts of nicotine. What do the NHS think? The NHS are clear on what they think about tobacco smoking and there is a wealth of information on the subject. It is also worth noting that there are talks about e cigarettes being used by the NHS to help people give up smoking

What is E-Liquid?

E-Liquid, E-Juice, Vape Juice are all the same this is the liquid that is used in your vape device. It is the E-Liquid that contains both the flavouring and the nicotine (if required).E-Liquid is made up from PG (propylene glycol) VG (vegetable glycol) and flavourings.You are able to get your E-Liquid in many different flavours and strength such as apple, strawberry custards in omg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg. (mg=nicotine strength)

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